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Ever since launching over ten years ago, I have been excited every month to see which pages are the most popular. For this month’s “Happy Healthy Helpers,” I decided to share the top 10 most visited pages for the past year. With a broad range of topics – from what to expect from an acupuncture appointment, to one of my favorite beauty products – this list offers something for everyone. 

A Lesson in Intuition

Before we dive in, I want to talk about one page result that always puts a smile on my face. 😍 Its presence in the top 10 pages has been a monthly reminder for close to 11 years that I should always trust my intuition.

You see, this website was part of the culminating project for my master’s degree in Integrative Health. As such, a few months before launching it, I presented my cohort with an outline of proposed natural healing topics. I had broken the topics into natural health treatments for Body and Mind / Spirit, along with comprehensive resource pages on Health Systems and Health Sites.

Being a dutiful researcher, I wanted to be sure I was addressing the topics that people would enjoy the most. My cohort was incredibly supportive and excited about my plan.

One colleague, however, had very strong concerns about a topic. She warned that it wasn’t scientific enough and even a bit weird. She was afraid people wouldn’t take me seriously if I dared to talk about it.

I listened carefully as she voiced her opinion, but I knew deep down that if the topic had meaning to me then it was bound to resonate with others. One of my dearest friends in the cohort pulled me aside and said, “This is your project. Do what you want.”

That friend knew me well and understood that my tendency was to value the opinions of others rather than trusting my inner knowing. I went ahead and created that page, and its popularity has supported me in trusting myself more and more ever since.  

And now, on to the list! [Note: Links open in a new browser window so you don’t get lost. 😉]

# 1 – Healing Rituals

Healing rituals have existed across cultures for millennia. There is good reason for their longevity. They have power! Rituals offer a means of focusing our attention on our healing in a positive, uplifting way. Where intention goes, energy flows. This page offers information on moon rituals, smudging, prayer, and more. I hope you will find that what it lacks in scientific research it makes up for in magic 🪄.       

# 2 – Your First Acupuncture Treatment

I was extremely nervous when I went to my first acupuncture appointment. Although I had experienced a mini-session during a weekend class, I really didn’t know what to expect from an in-office visit. Several visits later, I felt like a pro and wanted to share my experience with others. If you ever wondered what an acupuncture treatment is all about, this post is for you.

I LOVE the smell of palo santo. And, I smudge myself with it daily to help clear my energy. The process is simple, but I knew that others might be curious about how it works. So, in this post, I shared my suggested smudging tools, a simple technique, and smokeless alternatives. There is even a video. 😉

# 4 – Natural Relief for Stomach Flu

Having a stomach bug is the WORST, amirite? It is one of the things I dread most in life. Sadly, I have struggled with lots of tummy troubles over the years. This post shares the natural remedies that have brought me relief.

#5 – The 5 Gifts of Grief

When I wrote this blog at the end of 2014, I had experienced 4 devastating deaths (my grandmother-in-law, an aunt, my cat of 13 years, and my dad). To say the grief was overwhelming is an understatement. Still, I was amazed at how many gifts came from that challenging period. I didn’t know it at the time, but that year was a major catalyst in my life. It forced me to see who was truly there for me – another gift for sure.

#6 – Ain’t You Tired Yet?

Posted right after Obama was elected, this piece is on my experience watching “The Help.” The hatred portrayed in that film left me feeling despair. Yet, Abilene’s character was such a radiant example of love. Her simple question could be asked of anyone who chooses hate over acceptance and compassion. It must be exhausting carrying so much darkness in one’s heart.

# 7 Rosewater for Healthy Skin

Those last two posts were a bit deep. This piece is a breath of fresh (rose-smelling) air. 🌹It was my first and only “Friday Favorites” feature post. I had intended to get my Oprah on and share a favorite product every week, but alas, this ended up being the only one. Maybe I’ll have to consider giving that another shot? 🤔

# 8 – Homeopathic Remedies

I have experienced incredible relief from homeopathic remedies. This page includes a chart of some of the most commonly used remedies, as well as, where you can order them.

# 9 – 7 Tips for Living with Sjogren’s Syndrome

A few months after turning 30, I woke one morning and had trouble opening my eyes. They were so dry that they had become glued shut. A trip to the eye doctor confirmed that Sjogren’s Syndrome was the cause. In the 18 years since that diagnosis, my symptoms have dramatically improved, which I largely credit to the tips shared in this post.

# 10 – Beliefs That Steal an Empath’s Power

This is another post that almost didn’t come to be! I was worried it was too negative. Yet, I knew there was truth in its message. That which is true must always come to light! This topic is something I am now delving much more deeply into as I write a new course and book on getting over narcissistic abuse. [Update 1/7/24 – The Free From Narcissists Course is ready! You can order Free From Narcissists: A 10-Step Program to Reclaim Your Joy here.]

Managing this site for the past 10 1/2 years has been a labor of love. I am so grateful to all of you who take the time to read and share your comments!

I’d love to know your favorite content on the site. Please comment below.

Michelle Gibeault Traub is a health writer, compassionate coach, and the author of Online Dating for Sensitive Women. Her mission is to help women be their best in body, mind & spirit.

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