Books by Michelle Gibeault

My books are published under my maiden name, Michelle Gibeault. Each is a labor of love focused on helping you live a happier, healthier life. Thank you for reading! I really appreciate your support.

Online Dating for Sensitive Women

Online Dating for Sensitive Women Book

If you’ve been called “too sensitive,” yet you crave the connection, fun, and love dating can offer, Online Dating for Sensitive Women is for you. Sensitive women, including empaths and codependents, are especially prone to the games and manipulation that take place online. We have to be extra cautious when dating. I learned so much in my online dating experience that I want to share with you, including how to fall in love with your life! Even if you aren’t interested in dating, the empowering tools and encouragement provided will help sensitive women in all of their relationships. Learn More & Order Here

Your Natural Healing Toolkit – FREE eBook

Your Natural Healing Toolkit

Your Natural Healing Toolkit: 12 All-Natural, Inexpensive Remedies for Better Health” details my favorite natural healing tools. You can easily add these healing remedies to your daily life immediately. Most are free or cost very little. Please accept this book as my gift to you! Download your free copy here.

33 Ways to Add More JOY to Your Life – FREE eBook

33 Ways to Add More Joy to Your Life eBook

Life has gotten crazy! I’m sure you’ve noticed. We are all stressed and strained. That is why I set out to share a series of blogs on Finding Joy in Challenging Times, along with this free eBook. This guide provides 33 super simple practices that you can add to your day. Each practice has been proven (through research and my own personal experience) to lead to greater joy and even better health. I hope this free resource will help put a smile on your face. Grab your complimentary copy here!

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