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Your Birth Chart - A Personal Life Map

He who does not understand astrology is not a doctor but a fool. – Hippocrates

After over 20 years in the health & wellness industry, my birth chart has been the shortest path to greater health and happiness I have ever found! I am excited to share this incredible tool with you. – Michelle

What is Natal Astrology?

Astrology is the study of the cosmos. Both a science and an art, it has been used since the dawn of man. Our ancestors planted their crops and navigated their travels using the moon and constellations. They came to understand that there was an undeniable energy present under the light of an ever-changing sky.

Natal astrology looks at the placement of all of the planets, the moon, and the sun based on the precise time and location of your birth. A Natal or Birth Chart is your own personal life map, showing you the exact energies present upon your arrival. This powerful tool details your innate qualities and personal potential. In short, it spells out the planetary energies that make you YOU!

How Can a Birth Chart (Natal Chart) Help You?

Given that your Birth Chart (a.k.a Natal Chart) explains the unique potential you possess, it can help you in all areas of life – career, money, health, friendships, and love. When you understand your innate qualities, you can optimize them for your highest good.

Your birth chart will validate truths that you already know about yourself, while also uncovering attributes that you may have pushed aside. Your chart can shine a light on what is hiding in your subconscious, so that you can accept and work with this hidden potential. With the help of this personal life map, everything gets easier.

Your Natal Chart Can:

  • Provide you with permission to live your best life, one of ease and joy.
  • Help you uncover your life purpose.
  • Enable you to embrace your strengths and weaknesses with acceptance and compassion.
  • Support you in finding your true love or soul tribe.
  • Assist you in understanding and interacting with others.

Your Personal Life Map from Happy Healthy Her

Your Personal Life Map – $100

Valued at over $300. This comprehensive birth chart takes over 3-4 hours to create. I offer it at a reduced rate because I truly want you to benefit from this amazing guide!

Based on your birth time*, birth date, and birth location, I will create your comprehensive Natal Chart & Astrological Report. This ~25 page PDF includes:

  • Your Natal Chart (Birth Chart) – a visual representation of where the planets were at your time of birth.
  • Your Primary Placements – the biggies that everyone always talks about, your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant (Rising Sign) and what they represent.
  • Your Personal Summary – a quick overview of the themes present in your chart and how to work with them.
  • Your Signature Sign – a less commonly known, but very powerful representation of the energy you carry in this world.
  • Your Elements – a breakdown of your elemental nature and how to work with the natural imbalances that are typically present.
  • Your Full Astrological Assessment – the details of all of your planets, their house placements, the aspects, and how this energy all interplays.
  • **BONUSA Visual Key & Glossary of Terms – get a quick introduction to astrology through these simple tools! All information is spelled out through visual keys and a one-page glossary so that you can quickly decipher your chart.

With this base package, your Life Map Natal Chart & Astrological Report will be emailed to you as a PDF, along with a short email with coaching tips on how to use the information provided.

*An accurate birth time is essential for a complete and precise reading. If you do not have your birth time, the report will only be accurate for most of the planetary placements. The Ascendant (Rising Sign) and house details are all likely to be inaccurate. If you decide to proceed with a reading your birth time will be set for noon (12:00 pm).  Email me or click the link to order your chart.

 1-Hour Coaching Session – $77

Your Personal Life Map (Natal Chart & Astrological Report) covers a LOT of information. If you have never explored astrology, it is literally a doorway into a whole new world. As such, some people find it especially helpful to team their Life Map with a 1-hour coaching session to discover the core themes present in your chart, address any questions you may have around their implications, and learn how you can use this information to enhance and support your life. This coaching time is completely yours though, and we can discuss whatever you wish.  

What’s Included:

  • 60 minutes of Compassionate Coaching with Michelle delivered via phone or web call at a scheduled time. We can discuss your chart, or you can delve into other areas of concern where you are in need of support. [Learn more about Compassionate Coaching here.] Email me or click the link to plan your coaching session.

Love Compatibility Report

Lucky in Love Compatibility Report – $77

Love is the most powerful force in the Universe! I truly hope that everyone finds genuine love in their lives. It is at the root of a truly happy and healthy life. There are natural energies swirling through the cosmos that make connections with others easier and more compatible. In astrology, this study of compatible planetary energies is known as synastry.

The Lucky in Love Compatibility Report is a compilation of the astrological energies that both partners bring to a relationship. There is no definitive right or wrong relationship based on astrology, but there are inherent challenges that are helpful to understand. 

What’s Included:

Based on your and your love interest’s birth times*, birth dates, and birth locations, I will create your detailed Lucky in Love Compatibility Report. This ~15 page PDF includes:

  • A combination of your Two Natal Charts presented as a bi-wheel. [This can be displayed as two separate charts if that is preferred. Please specify that when ordering.]
  • An overview of how your Qualities, Elements, Houses, and Planets all work together, along with practical advice on how you can make your relationship more harmonious.
  • A detailed grid of how your planets, Moon, and Sun aspect (interact) with each other; as well as, information on how these aspects could influence your connection.

Your Lucky in Love Compatibility Report will be emailed to you as a PDF, along with a short email with coaching tips on how to use the information provided.

Want to learn more about the power of astrology? Find Free Astrology Resources here.

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