Free From Narcissists Course

Free From Narcissists: A 10-Step Program to Reclaim Your Joy will help you finally break free from the narcissistic relationships that have kept you stuck!

Through the support of over 150 activities and natural healing tools, you will slowly and steadily heal the narcissistic abuse you have experienced to reclaim your joy, love, and, ultimately, your life.

Heal Narcissistic Abuse

This comprehensive, compassionate, virtual coaching course will teach you how to:

  • detect narcissistic traits and behaviors,
  • protect yourself from the energetic drain that narcissists cause, and 
  • heal from the pain the narcissistic person (or people) have caused you.

You can finally live the life of ease and purpose that was meant just for you. You CAN and you WILL heal! You must believe that.

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Free From Narcissists Course Features

  • A Comprehensive eBook (ePub & PDF, 48,000 words) – Michelle Gibeault (Traub) candidly shares her own personal story of narcissistic abuse, along with the 10 steps she used to rebuild and heal her life.
  • A Customizable Healing Activities Journal (.docx) – A supportive companion to the eBook, this journal includes prompts for each of the 10 steps, along with a variety of activities to assist in your healing. The journal can be printed or used on your favorite digital platforms. It is fully customizable to your needs and can be revised and reused as many times as you need.
  • Your Empowerment Toolkit: Natural Tools for Healing Narcissistic Abuse (PDF)Based on Michelle’s over 25 years of natural healing education, this guide includes the most inexpensive and effective remedies for releasing the heavy energies of abuse from your body, mind, and spirit.
  • Your Joy Guide (PDF) – 35 activities to increase your joy, raise your vibration, and improve your life – quickly!
  • 5 Virtual Coaching Videos (MP4) – Get the benefit of multiple personal coaching sessions with Michelle at a fraction of the cost! Videos cover an Introduction to Narcissists, hands-on demonstrations of some of the most powerful Healing Tools, guidance on how to Protect Yourself from Narcissists, and two videos to better Understand Narcissists so that your experience will finally make sense and you will be able to avoid abuse in the future.
  • Valued at over $1000 – Offered at only $148

*Purchases are made securely using a credit card on the HappyHealthyHer Shop. All files are instantly available after purchase. You can download them to your favorite device and start working with them right away. Files are yours to keep forever.

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