Online Dating for Sensitive Women Book

A Proven System to Build Your Confidence, Protect Your Energy, and Attract Your Perfect Partner

You Deserve Love - Online Dating for Sensitive Women

If you’ve been called “too sensitive,” yet you crave the connection, fun, and love dating can offer, this book is for you. Sensitive women, including empaths and codependents, are especially prone to the game playing and manipulation that take place online. Through this detailed, supportive guide you will gain:

  • Insight into the challenges of online dating
  • Clarity as to who you are and what you need in a partner
  • Greater love for yourself and your sensitivities
  • Awareness around the red flags and games so you can protect yourself from narcissistic and manipulative behavior
  • Courage to set boundaries, speak openly, and claim the loving partnership you deserve

This book is not just about finding your perfect relationship. It is about uncovering the best version of you – the woman who chooses herself first.

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What Readers Think

This book is exactly what I needed when I needed it. I really identified with the author and her experiences. I’m hopeful that I will achieve the happiness that she has worked so hard for. Must read for single sensitive women! – emmykins

 The book was well written, positive & gave great examples for self care & navigating on-line dating! Book was a must-read! – Lisa B

An empowering guide for any Highly Sensitive woman who is considering jumping into the uncertain waters of online dating. Michelle leads you every step of the way, teaching you how to be true to your own heart while calling in a loving life partner who is your perfect match. – Lauren Sapala, Author of The INFJ Revolution

Written with extraordinary honesty, this book is full of great tips and loving encouragement. – RB

An amazing book – a must have!!! Many AHA moments reading this. Will read again and do journaling as suggested. I still have to work on me before I think about getting back out there. That’s Ok this book has so much info on rebuilding yourself. After so much drama it was like reading my story and seeing a light in the dark. Don’t hesitate – you need this!!! Thank you!!! – Mimi

Michelle shows us how, when undertaken in a courageous and conscious way, online dating can truly lead us to love! – Gina

This book read as if it was written directly for me! Michelle’s lighthearted viewpoint is refreshing. She totally understands how being a sensitive woman is a challenge on its own, let alone trying to open yourself up to the worldwide web. She gives you the courage to love yourself first in order to allow true love into your heart. – Monique

Why I Wrote “Online Dating for Sensitive Women”

For more information on why I wrote this book, please check out the video below, or read the blog “The Birth of a Book for Sensitive Women.”

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