Happy Healthy Her empowers you to be your best in body, mind & spirit!

Online Dating Book

You Deserve Love - Online Dating for Sensitive Women

If you are a sensitive woman looking for love, this is your essential road map! Learn how to navigate the challenging waters of online dating so that you can finally find the love you deserve.

Compassionate Coaching

Looking for support and validation through these difficult times? Michelle has your back! From improving relationships to conquering health challenges, she can help you live your best life.

Get Your Custom Birth Chart

Your Personal Life Map from Happy Healthy Her

Do you want an easier life where things just make sense? Ever wondered why you get along with some people and not others? Have you thought about why some things come so easy to you, while others are a challenge? Uncover the powerful life map that was created the day you were born.

FREE Natural Healing & More JOY eBooks

Learn the 12 most effective and least expensive healing remedies available in “Your Natural Healing Toolkit.” And, get the NEW “33 Ways to Add More JOY to Your Life.” Both eBooks are your free gifts!

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