Healing Modalities

Palo Santo

How to Smudge Yourself with Palo Santo

It is hard to believe that burning a small piece of wood could make me happy, but it truly does! The smoke of palo santo wood smells fantastic and carries positive, uplifting energy. Smudging with this sacred wood is an excellent tool for empaths or sensitives who often take on negative energies from others or …

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5 Reasons I Love Yoga

I have been practicing yoga since the beginning of 2008. My mind can’t believe it has been that long, while my body and spirit can’t seem to remember life before yoga. The postures (asanas) and deep, conscious breathing of yoga have become such an important part of my life that it is no longer a …

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More Spinach Please

In the summer of 2011, while completing my master’s degree in Integrative Health, I had the great pleasure of attending a showing of the documentary “Numen: The Healing Power of Plants.” The film had been highly recommended by our nutrition instructor, Joan Palmer, MS, who had ultimately organized a group of passionate nutrition enthusiasts to …

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Sjogrens Syndrome Symptoms

7 Tips for Living with Sjögren’s Syndrome

April is Sjögren’s Awareness Month, and I am posting about it with only a few days to spare! To explain what this illness is I will leave it to the pros at the Sjögren’s Syndrome Foundation. “Sjögren’s is a chronic autoimmune disease in which people’s white blood cells attack their moisture-producing glands. Today, as many …

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