Homeopathic Remedies

Following is a chart of some of the most popular homeopathic remedies.

Sample Homeopathy Remedies

Remedy Uses
Aconitum nappellus (aconite) Emotional terror, shock, PTSD, “I’m going to die.”
Anacardium Constitutionally for people who grow up in horrific homes. Inferiority & cruelty. Prone to drug and alcohol abuse, schizophrenia.
Apis Inflammation, burning, stings.
Arnica montana Soreness, bruising. For surgery.
Aurum Sinusitis and severe insomnia. Constitutionally for the person who has to be the best. That it is their duty. They have the weight of the world on them. Depressed and suicidal.
Belladonna Used mostly for children when they spike a high fever or have convulsions. Is also a remedy for migraines “my eyes are going to pop out.”
Bellis perennis Soreness & bruising of the abdomen
Bryonia alba For pain that gets worse with motion, or is excruciating.
Calendula  Skin repair (topical or pellets). Laying down new healthy skin. Capillary bleeding. Stops infection.
Causticum For people who can’t urinate after surgery.
Chammomila Diarrhea that comes from teething.
Eupatorium perfoliatum Excruciating bone pain. Bone cancer
Gelsemium For anxiety, nerves. Stage fright.
Hypericum perforatum Nerve pain, shooting pain.
Lachesis Constitutionally for intense person, who is passionate, forcible, jealous, knows how to get at people (mean girl). They don’t like restrictions (anything around neck). Usually are hot. Their symptoms start on left and move to the right. Remedy for sciatica, tonsillitis, neck issues.
Ledum palustre Puncture wounds with minimal bleeding. People who get infections with mosquito bites. Lyme disease.
Medorrhinum Constitutionally for passion, sex, and extremists. Remedy for cystitis, vaginitis, genital herpes. Those prone to cocaine for ecstasy.
Nux vomica Hang overs. Constitutionally for Type A person who is competitive, jealous, and prone to alcohol abuse.
Oscillococcinum To be taken the second you feel you are coming down with the flu.
Phosphorus For people without boundaries. A good grounding remedy. For bleeding profusely (hemophilia) or those that react to anesthesia.
Pulsatilla Constitutionally for the person who is soft, malleable. A sweet little girl that needs support. Remedy for ear infections, irregular periods.
Rhutoxicodendron Annoying stiffness. Good for the “jacuzzi crowd.”
Ruta Injury to the surface of the bone (carpal tunnel, elbow, knee, shin, ankle, etc.)
Sepia Post partum depression. For the somber person who doesn’t have much pep, and likes to be alone. A remedy for Reynaud’s, good for miscarriages, menopause, infertility, nausea during pregnancy, herpes, age spots.
Staphysagria Wounds with a lot of pain. Constitutionally for “victim mentality” Someone who is wounded physically & emotionally.
Symphytum “knit bone”, lays down new bone. NEVER take before a bone is set (wait 6 weeks after a break).
Utica urens Itching and stinging. Jellyfish or stinging nettles.

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Ordering Homeopathic Remedies

You can purchase homeopathic remedies online and in natural health food stores. But, consulting with a trained Homeopath is always recommended as the wrong remedy, taken too frequently can cause symptoms.

Boiron – www.boiron.com – A great source for homeopathic pellets and creams.

Hahnemann Laboratorieswww.hahnemannlabs.com – they sell professional kits of many remedies and first aid kits. The site seems more appropriate for experienced homeopaths vs. a consumer.

Heel www.heelusa.com – site offers remedies and medical education.

Hylands www.hylands.com –this site is well-organized with remedies by ailment.

KingBiowww.kingbio.com – offering a variety of homeopathic remedies for humans and pets.

Native Remedieswww.nativeremedies.com – expert advice and remedies based on A to Z ailments.

Similisanwww.similasanusa.com – offer a variety of homeopathic eye drops and nasal sprays. *Editor’s Note: I use these drops to relieve the dry eye of Sjögren’s Syndrome.


Dr. Lauri Grossman, Lecture at The Graduate Institute, June 5-6, 2012 Homeopathic Medicine

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