“We should imitate nature, which sometimes cures a chronic affliction with another supervening disease, and prescribe for the illness we wish to cure, especially if chronic, a drug with power to provoke another, artificial disease, as similar as possible, and the former disease will be cured: fight like with like.” – Samuel Hahnemann


homeopathyHomeopathy is widely-accepted and used throughout Europe as a comprehensive healing system. It was founded at the end of the 1700’s by Samuel Hahnemann, a German Physician and researcher who initially experimented with homeopathic remedies on himself to determine that they were safe and effective in a process called “proving.” These pre-cursors to clinical trials are still in use today (See http://www.provings.info/en/index.html for more information.)

The main principle of Homeopathy is that “like cures like” or the same substance that causes symptoms can also effectively relieve them. Sometimes the body just needs a little kick to get it started. Homeopathic remedies provide the kick-start that the body needs to help it realign.

Principles of Homeopathy

  • Homeopaths often rely on the Materia Medica to select the best remedy.
  • Acute symptoms are typically relieved within minutes or hours when the successful homeopathic remedy is selected.
  • Remedies are carefully selected based on a detailed evaluation of a patient’s symptoms, sensations, location of the symptoms, direction in which the symptom moves, concomitant symptoms, modalities (what makes the symptoms get worse or better, i.e. heat, food, time of day), intensity, and duration.

Homeopathic Remedy Basics

  • Homeopathic remedies come from natural herbal, mineral and animal substances.
  • Remedies are made in accordance with the HPUS (Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States) and are regulated by the FDA.
  • 30c is the standard potency for remedies – 2 pellets, 4 times per day.
  • Homeopathic remedies do not expire (even though they must include an expiration date).
  • Arnica is great universal remedy for soreness and bruising. It is especially ideal for surgery. Take it the night before, and the morning of, and then right after the surgery is completed.

For a chart of sample remedies and their uses, see the Homeopathic Remedies page.

Find a Homeopath

From the Council for Homeopathic Certification or the North American Society of Homeopaths

Homeopathy Resources


American Medical College of Homeopathy – www.amcofh.org – one of the only colleges of homeopathy in the US. It offers on-sight (in NYC) and online training.

North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH) – http://homeopathy.org

Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC)www.homeopathicdirectory.com

National Center for Homeopathyhttp://www.homeopathic.org/

Homeopathic Remedies

Boiron – www.boiron.com – A great source for homeopathic pellets and creams.

Hahnemann Laboratorieswww.hahnemannlabs.com – they sell professional kits of many remedies and first aid kits. The site seems more appropriate for experienced homeopaths vs. a consumer.

Heel www.heelusa.com – site offers remedies and medical education.

Hylands www.hylands.com –this site is well-organized with remedies by ailment.

KingBiowww.kingbio.com – offering a variety of homeopathic remedies for humans and pets.

Native Remedieswww.nativeremedies.com – expert advice and remedies based on A to Z ailments.

Similisanwww.similasanusa.com – offer a variety of homeopathic eye drops and nasal sprays.  *Editor’s Note: I use these drops to relieve the dry eye of Sjögren’s Syndrome.

General Homeopathy Information

ABC Homeopathywww.abchomeopathy.com – site includes a comprehensive online remedy finder.

ImpossibleCure.comwww.impossiblecure.com – a site featuring a book on homeopathy by the same name, with a special focus on healing Autism.

Homeopathic.comwww.homeopathic.com a site by Dana Ullman, MPH, offering many articles and an excellent background on homeopathy.

Homeopathy Cafewww.homeopathycafe.com  – the website of  Lauri Grossman, a licensed chiropractor and homeopath, and esteemed instructor for The Graduate Institute.


Dr. Lauri Grossman, Lecture at The Graduate Institute, June 5-6, 2012 Homeopathic Medicine

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