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Happy Healthy Helpers - January 2023

Last year I didn’t blog as much as I intended. In looking back, I can see that 2022 was a bit of a timeout for me. I had to put my sweet, soulmate cat, Gladys, to rest on 2/2/22. Despite adopting two adorable furbabies a little over a month later, the grief I experienced over Gladys’s passing felt like a dark cloud hanging over me all year. There was so much I wanted to write about and share, yet there was also a piece of me that just needed to hide away.

New Year, New Energy  

Luckily, 2023 is a new year, and with it comes an entirely new energy. It is a 7 year in numerology which represents a time to go deeper spiritually. I. AM. READY! 😇 I have been working on harnessing my spirituality for many years.

In fact, it was through deep spiritual work just after launching this site, that I learned my life purpose was to serve as a “conduit of information.” Weird, right? Yet, it totally fits how I live my life. [You can read the full story of how I learned that in “Finding Your Life Purpose”.]

Introducing Happy Healthy Helpers

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.” – Margaret Fuller

That quote from Margaret Fuller also embodies how I live my life, as for me being a “conduit of information” means actively sharing the knowledge I uncover. I have been able to do this broadly in my work as a health writer, author, communications consultation, and compassionate coach. That intent was also the primary motivator for creating this site over 10 years ago!

Keeping in line with that intention, along with my love of alliteration, I am excited to announce a new feature to this blog – Happy Healthy Helpers! Every month of 2023, I commit to posting the latest tools and resources that I am using to usher more happiness and greater health into my life.  Of course, I am hopeful, that they will do the same for you.

Without further ado, here are January’s Happy Healthy Helpers:

1. Find Your Personal Year Number for 2023

This fun guide from Forever Conscious talks you through determining your personal year number, along with what it could bring for you in 2023. I’m in an #8 year which represents “transformation.” You know what else represents transformation? Butterflies! This might be the year I FINALLY get the blue butterfly tattoo I have been wanting. 🦋

2. Get Fit for Free

I am in love with the FitOn app! It is totally free and provides a huge selection of workouts from yoga to strength training and even dance. The PRO version offers meal plans, along with the option to add music to your workouts, which is a cool plus. I have paid for the PRO version when I had the funds just so I could offer support for such a great product. However, there is no pressure if you aren’t ready to commit to a subscription. It is super easy to download the app which can be used via your phone, tablet, or even on your laptop.  [You can start working out here using my Invite Link, or search for FitOn wherever you use apps.] 💪🏻

3. Support Your Inner Strength

I stumbled upon the Thrive Global community this summer, and immediately felt supported by the wide range of uplifting content they offer. With information on burnout, resilience, and dealing with rejection, it felt like the articles were speaking directly to me. I hope you will feel that same comforting support if you are in need. 🌸

4. Get the Best of the Web

If you use Firefox as your web browser (which is my preference), you may have noticed the “Recommended by Pocket” list that shows up under your search bar. This list features some of the latest articles that are popular around the web. I have consistently found these articles to be interesting. The end of the year, “Best of 2022” list was an especially supportive wrap-up of information aimed at remedying the heavy energies of 2022.

5. Fill Your Days with Music

One of my favorite things to do is share music that moves me. If nothing else, 2022 confirmed to me that I am most definitely an empath. Alone in my home, I was constantly bombarded by the negative energies of the collective. It was quite a wild ride! People continue to question the validity of empaths. However, those of us who feel the energies and emotions of others know all too well that it is real. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be an empath, I think you might like my latest Spotify playlist, The Empath Mix – Sensitive is STRONG. 🎶

So, that’s it for the first edition of Happy Healthy Helpers! I hope they provide you some helpful support.  

May 2023 bring us all greater health and happiness. 🥳 If there are any helpful resources you would like to share, feel free to add them in the “Comments” section below.

Michelle Gibeault Traub is a health writer, compassionate coach, and the author of Online Dating for Sensitive Women. Her mission is to help women be their best in body, mind & spirit.

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