My Healing Touch Experience

“Balancing your energy systems for your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.” – Healing Touch with Eugenia Magill, HTPA

Healing Touch Program

I must admit social media can often be a big time waster for me. Scrolling daily through my Facebook feed or posting on Pinterest eats up precious time. Yet, every so often I get a message, or learn about an event through that dynamic medium, and I am certain it isn’t a waste at all. That was the case a few weeks ago when I heard about an opportunity to experience Healing Touch. It was one of the only energy healing modalities that I knew of, but hadn’t included on the Energy Healing page of this site simply because I didn’t have enough first-hand experience to recommend it there.

Energetic from the Start

That changed quickly when I learned that Eugenia Magill (a member of a Meetup which I belong to) was offering free sessions as part of her training period. Although I had not formally met Eugenia, I had seen her at meetings and knew that she always wore a contagious smile. Besides, she had been highly recommended by the Meetup coordinator, so I felt completely comfortable when I sent her an email asking if she still needed volunteers. Her immediate, welcoming response assured me that I was in good healing hands.

In every communication with Eugenia she exuded warmth and professionalism, the true measure of a natural healer in my book. She sent me a detailed “Intake Form” with information on everything from my medical history to my spiritual beliefs. I was impressed at the level of care the paperwork took in addressing all aspects of my well-being. It was clear that the information I was providing would enable Eugenia to craft a healing plan based on my own personal needs.

My First Healing Touch Appointment

I met Eugenia in her home office, a lovely room adorned with vivid posters of the chakras. We chatted for quite some time initially as I was very eager to meet her and learn all about her experience with the Healing Touch Program. I was impressed with Eugenia’s dedication to her studies as she informed me that she had been diligently reading, practicing on volunteers, and attending training sessions so that she could gain the necessary skills to be fully credentialed as a Healing Touch practitioner. Her enthusiasm for the healing potential of this modality was totally evident and I felt completely comfortable under her care.

Unexpected Energy Blocks

After she had sufficiently reviewed my forms and learned about my health concerns, she asked me to lie down on a comfortable massage table in the middle of the room. She then covered me with a cozy blanket and turned on soft music. Ever accommodating, she gave me a variety of music options to choose from. I was very happy with the one she had already selected which was designed for the heart chakra. Then Eugenia went about assessing my energy status by using a pendulum. She started at my feet and moved up to my crown noting any potential areas of energy blockage as she went. I was amazed at how quickly she could detect trouble spots including my right knee, my hip, and several other areas – none of which were causing me any discomfort.

Warmth, Light and Relaxation

Then Eugenia set to work transmitting healing energy through her hands. At times I could feel her hands on or near my body, but for the most part much of her work was done only on my aura (the energy field just outside my physical body). I was so relaxed by the entire experience that I paid little attention to what she was actually doing, focusing more on the relaxing, warm sensations that were sweeping over me. At one point I felt a great deal of heat coming from Eugenia’s hands when they were on the right side of my face. It was amazing to feel such a rush, as I have had other energy treatments (pranic healing, shiatsu massage, reiki) and I don’t remember them ever being quite so vivid. I sometimes see light and color when I close my eyes and focus on my third eye (the area between my brow). This especially occurs when I am in deep meditation, or while doing Wuji Gong. Similarly, I experienced a slight flash of blue light when Eugenia was closest to my head.

Whatever Happened – It Was Wonderful

Although Eugenia performed a variety of techniques for aligning my energies based on what she assessed I needed, I really wasn’t able to focus on those specifics as my job was truly just to relax and allow my energy to go where it needed. I had no concept of time throughout the session, as it almost felt as though time was standing still. When the session came to an end, perhaps 30-45 minutes later, I was so relaxed I didn’t want to leave! Eugenia was very patient as I took my time getting up and gathering my things. I really wanted to offer compensation for the session as it lasted well over an hour with all my questions. Eugenia was very generous with her time, and wouldn’t accept payment. She let me know that there is a Healing Touch Foundation that sponsors research and the use of that healing modality for those that can’t afford it. I was very happy to pay the experience forward by making a donation in Eugenia’s name at:

Although like many energy healing treatments it is hard to explain just what happened, or how it felt, but it definitely felt like a positive shift occurred. I left the appointment feeling relaxed, refreshed, and filled with gratitude for the wonderful gift of better health. If you live in the Naugatuck, Connecticut area and would like to experience Healing Touch, please consider contacting Eugenia Magill at 203-231-9425. She is a wonderful healer.

8 thoughts on “My Healing Touch Experience”

  1. I have worked with Eugenia over the last year as her mentor. What you have shared is lovely and true. Eugenia is dedicated, caring, compassionate and well….. a wonderful healer. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Eugenia, i am not surprised by this wonderful healing experience you created with Michelle.
    You are indeed living your soul’s purpose. With love, Mindy

  3. Eugenia treated me a few months ago and the peace and calm I felt lasted the whole week. She has a very soothing presence and made me feel safe and comfortable. I’m looking forward to seeing her next time I’m in the northeast!

  4. I told Eugenia about some aches and pains (not uncommon to those of us over 50), along with a chronic problem or two, and she put on her thinking cap and reviewed some of her notes. Then she explained to me all that she wanted to do, which all sounded very soothing and fine to me.

    After getting me to fully relax, she focused her attention and her intention on my body, its fields of energy, that kind of thing. You could feel her passion to make me feel better through her gentle touch and the vibes of healing she was creating. We live in different states and had only two sessions over a period of a couple of years, but after each one I had a sweet feeling of well-being, very calm, and yet with renewed strength. I’m looking forward to more sessions!

  5. I have had the great good fortune of experiencing Eugenia’s healing touch on several occasions over these past few years – as she was just “testing the waters”, to being fairly certain that this was the path that she wanted to pursue, to the present – where she is 110% sure she is doing the work she was put on the earth to do. I have witnessed her self-confidence grow from being slightly more than 50% sure of herself to her current level – where she truly knows, naturally intuits, and completely trusts her God-given instincts. Before one particular session, she asked me if anything had been bothering me – any aches or pains or anything else. I gave her my usual, not very well thought-out, pat response, “No, not really.” As she was giving me the treatment she sensed some areas of blockage, some areas of temperature variation. Silently, she treated those areas with her healing touch. After the treatment, we debriefed, and she told me of the blockages and other irregularities she sensed. Of course, I realized at that point that she picked up the restless leg syndrome, hot flashes and other physical issues with which I had been struggling but never thought to mention! Over the next few days, the RLS and hot flashes were much less bothersome. I wish I lived closer to Eugenia so that she could treat me regularly. I’m sure I would be able to sleep much better if I had regular healing touch treatments. Eugenia is a natural healer, of that there is no question.

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