How to Create a Healing Space

Create A Healing Space

Creating a healing space in your home is a great way to give yourself comfort and support during challenging times. You don’t need a lot of square footage to set up your personal healing space. It can be as simple as a pillow and a blanket. However, ideally, your space will be a private, comfortable area that you can retreat to whenever you need to recharge.

Start Simple

I first created a healing space when I moved into a small townhouse following my divorce. At that time, I used a portable TV cart to house my crystals, journal, smudging tools, a few inspirational books, and a “Gratitude Folder” filled with old cards and mementos. I had an old floor cushion that I placed in front of the cart so I would be comfortable during my daily rituals (i.e., prayer, meditation, journaling, energy clearing, etc.)

Expand As You Grow

My Healing SpaceNow that I have my own home, I have expanded my healing space to the back corner of my bedroom. In addition to the floor cushion, it is now comprised of an Ikea bookshelf filled with meaningful items that make me feel good (“Gratitude Displays“). The bottom two shelves include books, candles, my smudging tools, crystals, oracle cards, and other divining tools that I can easily access when sitting on my floor cushion. The adjoining wall houses my vision board and a painting done by my best friend. As soon as I sit in that space, I feel at ease. I usually do so at least once a day in the morning or evening

My Healing Space Tour

If you are a visual person, you may prefer taking a brief tour of my space through the following video. Otherwise, continue on for easy steps for setting up your own space:

8 Steps for Setting up a Healing Space

Setting up your personal healing space does not have to be complicated and definitely doesn’t require following any rules. The following 8 steps are offered simply as suggestions for creating a personal oasis that feels great to you.

#1 – Pick a Quiet Spot

One of the foundational elements of healing is being able to slow down and simply relax. You can’t do that if you are surrounded by noise and activity. If you live in a busy household filled with people, pets, and distractions, it might help to invest in a pair of headphones. That way, even if your healing space needs to be amidst chaos, you can turn on some healing music and tune out the world around you.

#2 – Start Simple

As I said, my first healing space was based around a small TV cart. I liked that it was on wheels so that I could move it to different parts of my townhouse, or even hide it away in a closet if guests were visiting. You can also base your healing spot on a small end table, a wall shelf, or a basket. Your space acts more like a collection place for the items that will help you in your healing. If all you have is a pillow and blanket, that is enough. Healing is about intention, so even just deciding that an area of your home will be your healing space is enough to get the process started.

#3 – Make it Cozy

When the body feels comfortable and supported, relaxation occurs naturally. The Danish concept of “hygge” (pronounced hoo-gah) has become popular in recent years. It encourages creating a cozy, nurturing environment through sensory experiences – cuddly blankets, nourishing food, soothing colors, a warm cup of tea. Interestingly, “Hygieia” is the Greek goddess of health, cleanliness, and hygiene. Both words are so similar and they imply that a clean, comfortable environment leads not only to positive feelings, but also to healing. I believe that is true. Make your healing space as comfortable and welcoming as possible so that you will want to spend time there.

#4 – Support the Senses

Our senses make us feel alive. In addition to supporting your feelings of comfort, which are often related to the sense of touch, you want to encourage your other senses too. Including essential oils, incense, or a candle that you enjoy will support your sense of smell. Having colorful pictures or various colored crystals will incorporate your sense of sight. If you opt to include a tasty beverage, like coffee or tea, you can also incorporate the sense of taste into your healing space. You don’t have to include all of the senses every time you are in your healing space, but being mindful of them can enhance your experience.

#5 – Feature Items that Spark Joy and Love

Everything has energy, including all the things we surround ourselves with. If you want your healing space to be a positive, inviting space it must contain only items that bring you joy. One of the shelves in my healing space is dedicated to cherished mementos. There are pigs from my best friend, a snow globe containing a picture of my cats, and a dachshund figure that a colleague gave me, just to name a few. Every item on that shelf warms my heart, reminding me of how much love I have in my life. It isn’t about quantity, but rather about quality. Be sure that you keep inspirational items that are guaranteed to lift you up, while avoiding anything that brings you down. 

#6 – Include Nature

Nature is healing. Including natural elements in your space brings in a naturally healing energy. Dried flowers, crystals, palo santo wood, feathers, and shells all make great additions to any peaceful space.

#7 – Incorporate a Daily Ritual or Routine

Once you have a healing space don’t forget to use it! Your space can only offer healing if you let it. Remember to spend time in your healing space every day. I like to settle into my space first thing in the morning and before I go to bed at night. By doing that, I am essentially programming myself to receive the positive healing energy as soon as I settle in.  

#8 – Allow it to Evolve

Your healing space is truly your own. Allow it to change as you change. Add and remove items as you see fit. I rarely take away items from my healing space. However, this year I added a daily affirmations calendar, several new crystals, and Thriving as an Empath which includes daily inspirational readings that support my sensitive nature. In the past, I read from Melody Beattie’s, “The Language of Letting Go,” which helped me in breaking free from codependency. If you are in online dating, you might want to consider including the items mentioned in “Online Dating for Sensitive Women,” that help attract love, such as rose quartz and a love letter to your future partner.

What do you think? Are you ready to set up a healing space in your home? Do you already have one? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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