5 Easy Ways to Be of Service from Home

Be of Service from Home

If you are feeling a bit helpless stuck at home during the pandemic, I understand your pain. With a compromised immune system, I have been especially careful about staying home. To be honest, I love self-isolating. As an introvert (INFJ), this alone time suits me well. However, I do get a little antsy feeling that I am not able to be of service at a time when people are really struggling.

I’ve done some deep thinking about this, and feel that even in the smallest ways we are still able to positively influence our worlds through kindness, self-care, and loving compassion. Here are five intentions that are helping me feel a bit more empowered and at ease during this crazy time.

#1 – Put Out Positive Energy Online

There was a commercial for a cell phone service a while back. The Dad in the family was trying to get everyone to conserve data and scolded the daughter saying, “stop liking EVERYTHING!” It cracked me up because that is how I use social media. Every time I see a post that resonates with me – bam, I like or even love it! To me it’s like a virtual high five or a nod of agreement. I can’t understand people who just scroll and scroll without engaging at all, or worse, those who feel the need to attack and disagree with others. What’s the use in that? You have the power to make people feel good in your every interaction, even online. Use that power wisely.

I’ve read a couple of posts and emails lately from spiritual teachers I follow that say we all need to get off of social media. I disagree. It’s one of my only regular connections to the outer world. I don’t believe we have to abandon it completely. We just need to set an intention and a plan to use it only for the highest good of all. This means establishing boundaries and not engaging with negative media and people who steal our joy.

Facebook is where I tend to hang out most often, and I have created a really positive feed that gives me information on all the things I enjoy – astrology, personal growth, empathy, and of course cute animals! Because I’ve unfollowed negative connections and media sources, my feed generally includes posts from my most positive and supportive friends. When something shows up that feels negative, I just refuse to engage. [Learn how to set up your Facebook feed here.]

I’ve also made a practice of posting my nightly sunsets because they bring me so much happiness and others have said they uplift them too. It’s a win-win. It gives me a sense of purpose to be able to share my view with those who don’t have access.

Another place in which we can spread positivity and help others online is through online reviews. I am an avid online shopper, and I have gotten great advice from the reviews of others. Last month, I sat down at the computer and started typing out Amazon reviews for the products that have been wonderful additions to my life. I wrote a review of one of my favorite snacks – Raw Rev Glo Protein Bars in Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.*

#2 – Be Kind to Yourself

The greatest service you can do is being kind to yourself. I’m a self-help junkie, so for me being kind is actually working on myself. I thrive when I focus on uncovering areas where I’m not feeling good, assessing where I want to improve, and recognizing all that is great in my life. Your form of self-kindness might be less active, and that’s fine. The point is to keep your spirits up in healthy ways during this incredibly stressful time.

Here are a few ways that I practice kindness and self-love:

  • By regular tapping (EFT) sessions that help me break free from unhealthy mental patterns. I love the free Tapping Solution app.
  • By watching interesting YouTube videos. There is sooooo much great, free information to be learned!
  • With a yoga core workout  that always leaves me feeling strong and grounded.
  • Through a walk around my neighborhood to a fast-paced, uplifting playlist. I’m not much of a singer, but I love to sing along. It’s freeing to not care what I look like and singing is such a powerful release.
  • By giving myself a break and just crashing on the couch with some mindless TV and a glass of wine.

The key to self-kindness is recognizing and honoring what you need in the moment. I realize that is not always easy to do when you have other priorities like work and family. However, I challenge you to carve out at least an hour of time in your day that is just for you. When you lift yourself up, you lift up everyone around you.

#3 – Feel Your Feelings

O.K. so let’s get real here. The world feels like it is imploding. Maybe you’ve noticed? The reality of all this insane energy is that the collective conscious – which includes all of us – is overwhelmed. I’m an empath, which means I’m a virtual sponge for the emotions of others. Since March, I have had a flood of emotions that sometimes come out of nowhere – anger, fear, sadness, anxiety, frustration. The only way to soften these harsh, harmful feelings is to feel them and let them pass through. The mind has a tendency to cling to emotions. This causes many of us to hold on to the indignation and negativity of this difficult time. There is nothing healthy or helpful about that.

We must let go and release all our pent-up feelings. Crying, screaming, punching a pillow, typing out an angry rant, and then burning it – these all work to help free up the negative emotions. I know because I have done all of them and I am finally in a place of peace. The tapping (EFT) mentioned previously also helps to break the energetic connection that you may feel toward an emotion or feeling. Meditation and journaling can help, but really doing energetic work is often the most effective release.

 #4 – Move Your Body

Speaking of release – energy needs to move, and emotions are energy in motion. So, another really helpful way to work through all the negative energy is to move. Fast-paced walks and daily yoga classes have been helpful, but by far one of the best and most fun forms of release have been my dining room dance parties. Every day I cue up a playlist from Amazon and I just shake it. It really works to spike those positive endorphins, and I always feel a bit lighter. I will be sharing some of my favorite playlists soon. Follow the HappyHealthyHer Spotify account for updates. In the meantime, “I Came Here for Love” will get you started.

#5 – Feed all the Creatures

Yoga Frog Bird Feeder

I grew up in a family that always fed the birds. When I was married, I felt overwhelmed by the responsibility of our large home and I rarely participated in the outdoor activities. I appreciated that my ex-husband fed the birds. However, he had a disdain for any other creature eating from the feeders. That always confused me. Why show kindness and concern just for the birds? I know avid birdwatchers will tell me all about how destructive squirrels and other vermin can be. Point taken, but I’ve decided to take an equal opportunity approach. Birdseed is not that expensive, and I enjoy watching the various birds, chipmunks, and squirrels all eating from my ground feeder (whose name is Kermaste.) Being able to help another creature makes me feel more connected and loving. On that note – our food banks always need more help. If you are so inclined, here is where you can donate to those valuable causes:

Remember the pandemic is difficult for everyone. Our job as a society is to be as kind and supportive of each other as possible. Love always wins in times of darkness.

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Michelle Gibeault Traub is a health writer, compassionate coach, and the author of Online Dating for Sensitive Women. Her mission is to help women be their best in body, mind & spirit.

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