She’s Done, Again

I’m done. I had been saying that repeatedly in my head. Then, as if the Universe felt my pain, this beautiful, poignant essay showed up in my Facebook feed, titled “She’s Done.” In the essay, the author, Adrienne Pieroth boldly denounced the unhealthy activities that many women struggle with; self-loathing, guilt, people pleasing, apologizing. You […]

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Red Tailed Hawk

How Far We’ve Come

I just read a post on a Facebook group I follow that made me weep. If you know me well, then you realize that tears are a common occurrence. I am less inclined to cry over sorrow, but gratitude and appreciation for the human spirit – they move me every time. The post was from

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The Art of Judgement

I judge. Some might say I am even an expert in the art of judgement. Sometimes I do it really well. I suspect you might be quite good at it too. Perhaps, however, you are prone to preach – “you must not judge.” If that is true, then pat yourself on the back, because you

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What’s Right With You?

Jon Kabat-Zinn was on Super Soul Sunday this past weekend. As is often the case with the program I have come to see as my in-home church, there were lots of “a ha” moments. Kabat-Zinn is well known as a father of mindfulness teaching. The Center for Mindfulness, which he founded at the University of

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You Are a Gift

You Are a Gift

The idea for this post surfaced nearly two years ago. It is hard to believe that time moves by that quickly, or that I am able to procrastinate that badly, but alas here I am finally putting this out there. You are a GIFT! You really are. Even with all your human imperfections, you are

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