Yogi Tea Blessings – A Thanksgiving Gift

Yogi Tea Blessings

I have been a devoted fan of Yogi Tea for years. While I absolutely love the many varieties of tea, what really brightens my day are the profound messages that are included on each tea bag. In 2010 I compiled some of my favorites and included them on my other blog (Tea That Warms My Soul). Since then, and particularly throughout 2013, I have amassed quite the collection of uplifting sayings. But, nothing is really gained by keeping them to myself, so in honor of Thanksgiving, I would like to express my gratitude for simple pleasures like a daily cup of tea, and the even simpler pleasure of truths shared:

  • We are here to love each other, serve each other and uplift each other.
  • The only tool you need is kindness.
  • Your intuition is your best friend.
  • Love what is ahead by loving what has come before.
  • Be kind and compassionate and the whole world will be your friend.
  • The trust that others place in you is your grace.
  • Always be pure, simple and honest.
  • When you know that all is light, you are enlightened.
  • May you have faith in your worth and act with wisdom.
  • Compassion has no limit. Kindness has no enemy.
  • Live for something higher, bigger and better than you.
  • To learn, read. To know, write. To master, teach.
  • Together we can do what we can never do alone.
  • You will feel fulfilled when you do the impossible for someone else.
  • May your mind learn to love with compassion.
  • Appreciate yourself and honor your soul.
  • Empty yourself and let the universe fill you.
  • May your light become a living universal light.
  • An attitude of gratitude brings opportunities.
  • Trust creates peace.
  • Better to slip with your feet than with your tongue.
  • True understanding is found through compassion.
  • The universe is a stage on which your mind dances with your body, guided by your heart.
  • To know others is smart. To know yourself is wise.
  • Life is a chance. Love is infinity. Grace is reality.
  • Wherever you go, go with all your heart.

If you want to try Yogi Tea I have found the best prices at: Vitacost and Swanson Vitamins. My favorite varieties are Purely Peppermint, Egyptian Licorice, Green Tea Super Antioxidant, Skin Detox, Relaxed Mind, and Cold Season.

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