Happy Healthy News – October 2014


Are you Overwhelmed?

Community Fund for Women & Girls
Courtney Martin speaking to supporters of The Community Fund for Women & Girls

I attended a talk Tuesday night hosted by a charitable organization that is near and dear to my heart (The Community Fund for Women & Girls), and the excellent speaker mentioned a word that had been on my mind – OVERWHELM. Women are responsible for a whole heck of a lot. We are the caregivers, the household managers, and everything in between. Just hearing that the vibrant young speaker was also feeling overwhelmed was comforting. Women tend to be sooooo hard on ourselves, and we could definitely use a lot more validation and support from one another.

So, I want you to know I am on your team. I know that you do the best that you can every day. And, I give you permission to simply Slow Down. If making active changes is more your thing, I’ve got you covered on that too. Check out 6 Tips for Reducing Information Overload to learn how I curbed one major source of overwhelm.

Happy Healthy Her


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What’s Hot at HHH

Here is what I have been up to this month:

  • Getting a little lift from blue light (helpful in fighting SAD)
  • Reading Gone Girl in anticipation of seeing the movie
  • Following that up with Writer’s Doubt (for inspiration on finishing my book)
  • Taking lots of probiotics to prep for cold & flu season


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