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When You Are Not Happy

So here’s the thing I must come clean about – I’m not always happy. Yes, I created a site called “Happy Healthy Her” because that is how I want to be. But, honestly, I struggle with maintaining happiness and health on a daily basis.

Feelings must be felt, and even shared, in order for them to be released. My acceptance of that fact has been transformational in enabling my happiness and health to flourish. That is why I feel comfortable in admitting I am in one heck of a slump right now. I am reeling from 2 recent deaths in my family and the constant struggles of loved ones that are out of a hug’s reach. In addition, I literally had to pause in writing this to attend to my sick cat as he was vomiting on my bed.

The good times are not rolling. But, I know this difficult time will pass. I know too that I have all the tools I need to usher in brighter days. I would love to share some of my favorites with you, and hope you might want to share yours too on this month’s feature post 7 Tips for Feeling Happier.

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Celebrating a Healthy Mind

May is, or (since it’s almost over), was, Mental Health Awareness Month. Mental health affects ALL of us, but it continues to be an uncomfortable subject for many. Here are some great resources to spread humor and light on the topic or simply to brighten your day:

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