Making Room for More

New Moon

Over the past several months I have been actively making room for more in my life – more opportunities, more energy, more love, more joy. The irony is that in order to let all this “more” in I had to get serious about letting go.

Clearing Out

I scoured every inch of my house clearing out anything I no longer needed. I dedicated my full attention to every closet and every drawer, even the garage (ick!), as I determined what could stay and what had to go. If anything was no longer used, or simply didn’t give me joy, it was donated or recycled.

I gave away furniture, clothes, and electronics. I shredded old bills and outdated files –15+ years’ worth. I safely disposed of old chemicals and medications. I even re-organized filing cabinets so they better served my needs. With every trip to Goodwill, and every filling of the recycling bin, I felt lighter. The burdens of owning and being responsible for all that “stuff” slowly lifting. Knowing that the items I gave away would be of greater service in someone else’s life further buoyed my spirits.

You Won’t Need Them

I’ve known for years that all things have energy. I had even read about the negative Feng Shui of having too much clutter. However, since visual clutter was not really my problem – I tend to be quite fanatical about that – I had overlooked the power of the things tucked away in closets and drawers. The decade of bills, the old files saved from a job that I hated, the hurtful letter from a family member, these items impacted my energy, even when they were out of view. Yet, I was locked in a strange fear of letting them go, always asking myself, “What if I ever need these?” The answer I could finally hear was, “You won’t. Trust me.” Releasing those physical things was a surprising means of letting go of the painful emotions tied to them.

You Deserve More

In order to get to that place where I was ready to let go, I had to recognize that I deserved more; better even. Many of the things I clung to were old and tattered, so worn and outdated that I couldn’t even donate them. I had to remind myself that I am worthy of beautiful things, and that quality trumps quantity every time. I had to understand too that the notion of “more” is not just about money or things, but is better viewed more broadly as potential and opportunity. And, finally, I had to accept that my ability to attract more positive energy into my life is equal not only to the positive energy I give out, but also to my willingness to receive.

On this eve of a New Moon, a time of new opportunities, I am ready to receive more with gratitude and appreciation for all I already have.

How about you? Are you ready to make room for more?

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