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Shuffleboard Champ
Check out my Mom! She still rocks the shuffleboard court like a champ.

This summer has been mild in Connecticut, but several days were scorchers. As a result, I have found it especially difficult to stick to a steady exercise routine. Besides, with so many depressing things happening in the news and all around me, I was just feeling “blech.” (I know that’s not a word, but I suspect you can relate.)

In addition, while commiserating with a friend about the fact that we are turning 40 next month, the conversation shifted to how much our bodies have changed. We can’t eat the way we did in high school and suddenly ailments like backaches and soreness are quite common. To top it all off he said his acupuncturist told him his chi (energy) was “stagnant.” Yikes.

Bad moods, weight gain, pain, soreness, stagnation – as my Mom always used to say, “It’s tough to get old.” But, in thinking about my Mom who is now in her 80s, I know just what the solution is. I’ve got to move more. Mom never stopped going whether it was yard work or her regular golf league, and I need to follow suit. So, this month I offer tips on how to incorporate more movement into your daily routine.

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Easy Ways to Exercise More

Exercise often feels better than you think it will.” – HHH

Yes, I did just quote myself! It’s true though, exercise is all good. Just as it is often said that no one regrets eating a salad, it is hard to argue against moving more. There are so many health benefits of physical activity from the feel-good endorphins created right down to the self-esteem boost that comes from looking better or achieving a workout goal.

Of course, it is important to mention that if you are injured or in active pain, it is best to take things very slowly. All things require moderation, so aim to push yourself just far enough to work your muscles and break a sweat.

Fun Exercise Ideas

  • Dance – The way I broke my exercise slump was by forgetting I was exercising entirely. I found some groove-worthy tunes on Spotify, cranked them up, and started to move. I was loving the music so much that I kept telling myself, “just one more song.” Before I knew it, I had danced for 20 minutes. Mind you my use of the word “dance” is pretty loose. What I was doing was more like flailing my arms, swinging my hips, jumping up and down and jogging in place. It still got the job done.
  • Get Gadgets – I’m not a fan of the digital monitoring devices out there. The fact that people have gotten burns and rashes is really disturbing. Besides, having some form of electrical current on your body all the time seems like it could have damaging effects on your personal energy field. I prefer old school pedometers for motivating more steps, or fun exercise tools like exercise balls to keep things interesting.
  • Try Something New – I get giddy every time I buy a new exercise DVD or try a new yoga routine. Mixing things up makes it interesting and helps to keep your muscles challenged in new ways. There are also Meetups, community adult education programs, and of course your local YMCA, where you can try everything from kickball to water aerobics.
  • Explore the Internet – These days you don’t even need to pay for DVDs, there are loads of free exercise videos on YouTube, posted in Pinterest, and even delivered via email. Here are some of my favorites to get you started:

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