Happy Healthy News – January 2014


Happy 2014, Better Late Than Never!

Welcome to the first issue of Happy Healthy News, the newsletter of HappyHealthyHer.com. Happy 2014! This newsletter has been on hold for over a year, so here’s a heartfelt “Thanks” for your patience. Finding time to blog while still staying happy & healthy has been a challenge. But, I’m ready to make 2014 a productive year – even if I waited until January 31st to wish you a Happy New Year!

  • What’s in store? For starters, I’m working on a new gift for all HHH subscribers. That means you! It’s a Natural Healing E-book, and it should be ready soon.
  • Plus, every month, along with regular blogs, I will feature fun stuff right here in the “What’s Hot” sections below.

With Gratitude for Your Support,
Happy Healthy Her





What’s Hot at HHH

Catching Yoga Fever

I have had serious yoga fever lately. I can’t get enough of downward facing dog and tree pose. If you haven’t tried yoga this is a great time of year to find a beginner class, or check out Free Yoga Online.

5 Moves for Flatter Abs

Exercise is really on my mind this month. It’s never too early to get ready for the beach (which is also on my mind). These ab moves from Health Magazine will leave you feeling strong and confident.

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