Happy Healthy News – February 2014


Who Do You Love?

February always makes me think about love. This year I was really fixated on a different type of love, not one that can be adequately expressed with a box of chocolates or a bright red Valentine. The love I am talking about is the pure love and acceptance that each of us give ourselves. Not sure what I mean? Me either! I’ve realized recently that I, and most of the women I know, don’t really even know what it means to love and accept ourselves unconditionally.

I had been thinking about this challenge when I flipped open my well-worn copy of Kitchen Table Wisdom (a personal favorite) prior to giving it to a friend to borrow. A carefully highlighted line jumped off the page, “Perfectionism can break your heart and all the hearts around you.” Ahhh!!! I think that’s it. When you strive to be perfect – to meet the world’s unreasonable expectations for perfect wife, mother, daughter, or employee – you ultimately end up with a broken heart. And, broken hearts can’t love completely.

So, for now on when you are asked, “Who Do You Love? I hope your first answer will be “me!” and by “me” I of course mean “you.” ツ

Happy Healthy Her





What’s Hot at HHH

Top 5 Healthy Foods

Here is what I am really loving right now.

  • Garlic – adding it to scrambled eggs gives them more zip.
  • Unsweetened Coconut Milk – it’s the perfect base for a smoothie.
  • Frozen Organic Strawberries – blended with plain kefir it’s like ice cream with no added sugar.
  • Organic Matcha Green Tea – a great boost of anti-oxidants.
  • PlantFusion Vanilla Bean Protein Powder – it makes my morning green smoothie (of spinach and berries) so creamy and rich.

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