Happy Healthy News – April 2014


Change in An Instant

A butterfly breaking free from its chrysalis, next to one that is already free.

At the beginning of the month,  I visited the Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory in Massachusetts. While there I noticed an “incubator” in the corner of the room. Although I had been to the beautiful Conservatory before, I had not previously noticed this display which had me totally captivated. Right there before my eyes were chrysalises in various stages of development. Some had just burst open and the newly released butterflies were attempting to fly in spite of their still-wet wings. One little guy was struggling to break free, first one wing, he struggled and struggled, and then in an instant his second wing broke through. It was breathtaking and reminded me that even though change is often hard and laborious, when it finally occurs, it does so in an instant.

The same lesson was replayed for me over the past two weeks as the spring flowers have finally started to bloom in Connecticut. I have watched in eager anticipation as every day, and sometimes what seems like every hour, there are new blossoms. These beautiful, tenacious plants that have been fighting so hard to break free from the cold, hard soil are finally free – another gentle reminder of what we are all capable of.

What will you change today?

Get Inspired by Nature

Our garden burst to life overnight and continued to flourish in spite of the cold.
The garden burst to life overnight and continued to flourish in spite of the cold.

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