5 Truths of Narcissistic Abuse

5 Truths We MUST Understand About Narcissistic Abuse

There is a LOT of misinformation swirling around in regards to the experience of narcissistic abuse and how we can heal from the inevitable trauma it causes. While the focus of the truths I am sharing here is in support of the victims of narcissistic abuse, I hope those who don’t relate to the term […]

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Are You Intimidating? or Are They Intimidated?

Understanding Intimidation

There’s a very important difference between being intimidating and someone being intimidated by you. Let’s discuss… According to, intimidating is an adjective meaning: “intended to frighten someone or to force or stop someone’s action through fear causing timidity, hesitancy, or anxiety, especially because of difficulty or risk; daunting: causing someone to feel overawed or

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