Lessons in Love

Lessons in Love at 44

2018 was going to be my year. I was sure of it. I had bought my very own house, I was dating a nice man, and I was in a job that was going well. Plus, I was turning 44, a nice even number with beautiful symmetry. And, who doesn’t love symmetry? Alicia Key’s “Girl on Fire” […]

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Anxiety is a fear of fear

Opening Up To Fear

Five years ago, I gave the commencement speech at the graduation for my master’s degree program. In front of an audience of 300+, I announced that I had struggled with debilitating anxiety attacks that made it hard for me to leave my house. It was a mix of terror and relief to have that dark

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Remember the Love – 9/11

When I see the words “Never forget” in relation to 9/11/01 I literally feel sick to my stomach. Although it is clearly a well-intentioned phrase aimed at uniting Americans in remembering the many victims and heroes of that tragic day, what it implies is that there are those who have somehow forgotten or will forget

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