Try Walking in Their Shoes

An Empath’s Perspective on Being Gay in America “You’ll stumble in my footsteps. Keep the same appointments I kept. If you try walking in my shoes.” Walking in My Shoes, Depeche Mode, The Singles 86>98* (Disc 2)  After writing the last post on my perspective on the current loneliness problem, I dusted off the Depeche …

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Finding Freedom

Finding Freedom in 2020

“In our struggle for freedom, truth is the only weapon we possess.” – The Dalai Lama It’s amazing that I am posting about finding freedom in the midst of a pandemic. Most people are struggling with the restrictions on daily life that leave them feeling trapped. Under these conditions, freedom feels like a distant memory. …

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An Unconventional Thanksgiving

I have always loved Thanksgiving, but not necessarily for the conventional reasons, namely food and family. I do of course love those things, but what I love even more is the collective energy of people feeling thankful – of being encouraged to thoughtfully look at our lives and appreciate all the blessings. I am always …

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