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Michelle Gibeault AuthorWelcome readers of Online Dating for Sensitive Women! I hope you are enjoying the book. Here are some of my favorite resources and trusted experts for learning more about the topics covered in the book.

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Fun Stuff

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Relationship Support

Five Love Languages Quiz from Gary Chapman – a helpful guide for learning what makes you feel loved. If you want to dive deeper, his book “The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts” is helpful.

Terri Cole Terri is a master in boundaries. She has tons of helpful videos that help with self-love, codependency, and setting boundaries. Her meditations (YouTube) are also very soothing. I bought, (but haven’t yet read) her book, “Boundary Boss” which I am sure is wonderful.

Narcissism / Codependency Support

Melody Beattie Melodie is one of the first to uncover the challenges of codependency. Her books are incredibly supportive. My favorite is “The Language of Letting Go: Daily Meditations for Codependents“. It helped me greatly during my divorce.

Lisa A. Romano (YouTube Channel) – Lisa offers supportive, informative videos on recovering from codependency and dealing with narcissists.

Dr. Ramani (YouTube Channel) – Dr. Ramani’s videos are incredibly insightful regarding the many nuances of narcissism.

Meredith Miller – Inner Integration (YouTube Channel) – Meredith discusses the trauma that occurs after toxic relationships with helpful insight.

Michelle Farris, LMT (YouTube Channel) – Michelle provides compassionate codependency support.

Danielle Ingenito – Turning Pain into Power (Facebook Page) – Danielle has been through narcissistic abuse and focuses on energy healing as a powerful recovery tool.

Empath & HSP Support

Judith Orloff, M.D. Dr. Orloff is one of the leading experts in empath support. An empath herself, she offers a wealth of knowledge which she shares in books and webinars.

Empath Connection – Michael R. Smith, Ph.D. – Michael teaches people how to find power in their empath traits. He has a great Facebook community at Empath Connection Community Circle.

Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) the site of Elaine N. Aron, Ph.D. who originated the concept of HSP. There is a test that will help you determine if you might be highly sensitive.

Favorite Astrologers

The AstroTwinsOphi and Tali offer the most accurate readings! I have been buying their annual astrology guide for years and reading their free weekly horoscopes. They predicted when I would buy my house, when I would meet my partner, and even that I would write this book!

Debra Silverman Debra is so much fun! She posts YouTube updates on what is happening in the stars, and she also offers a lot of free webinars if you sign up for her mailing list.

Chani Nicholas Chani writes really heartfelt and supportive readings. She is active on Instagram and sends updates via her mailing list.

Stephanie Gailing – Stephanie sends helpful monthly updates via her mailing list.

Forever ConsciousI’ve learned so much from Tanaaz’s blogs and Facebook posts.

Astrology Sites

Astrograph A comprehensive site from astrologer, Henry Seltzer. He is extremely knowledgeable. The site includes a free app that provides very detailed information.

Cafe AstrologyThis is a great, basic site where you can access your natal chart and compatibility (synastry) reports.

Compatible AstrologyThis site gives some general compatibility information for all of the signs. AstroTwins (see above) also include compatibility information on their site.

Personality Tests

16 My favorite source for personality information. I have found it to be very accurate.

Personality Lab This site has a few different tests. I have only taken the “Big Five Test”.

High Five Test Offers a basic free report with information that felt accurate for me.

Attachment Style Test

Attached Quiz A basic attachment style quiz. There are others available online, but many tend to classify the types slightly differently.

Health & Wellness

Essential Oils Basic information on the most popular essential oils.

Homeopathy Resources An introduction to homeopathy and the most helpful resources.

HeartMath InstituteThe experts in heart energy. Find free educational materials, resources, and more.

Flower Essence ServicesA great source for flower essences and blends. I highly recommend the “Sacred Heart” blend for relieving heartbreak and strengthening your compassion.

Emei QigongI started practicing this powerful energy healing practice in 2010. Using the wisdom of Chinese Medicine, it incorporates movement, healing sounds, mantra, and meditative practices to strengthen and align the energy in the body. I highly recommend my teacher, Pat Bolger. You can learn more through her website:

The Tapping Solution AppFree EFT/tapping scripts. My favorite is “You are Enough.”

Insight Timer AppA comprehensive resource for free meditations and classes on self-love and personal empowerment.

Suggested Books & Oracle Cards

“Seeking Within Oracle Cards,” Written by Paula Bush, Artwork by Lorie Baker. Available for purchase at:

It’s Not Your Money by Tosha Silver

Dodging Energy Vampires by Christiane Northrup, MD

Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams & David Carson

Porn Addiction Resources

CultureReframed.comA nonprofit that educates about the dangers of porn with a focus on protecting children and women.

Porn Addiction: The Causes, Signs, & Self-Help StrategiesA comprehensive video covering the issue from MedCircle


“Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are” – 2012 TED Talk from Amy Cuddy Ph.D.

10 Facts about Americans and Online Dating (Pew Research)

NOTE: Some of the links are affiliate links, meaning I may get a small compensation for purchases. I only recommend products that I have personally used and love.

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