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Finding Freedom

Finding Freedom in 2020

“In our struggle for freedom, truth is the only weapon we possess.” – The Dalai Lama It’s amazing that I am posting about finding freedom in the midst of a pandemic. Most people are struggling with the restrictions on daily life that leave them feeling trapped. Under these conditions, freedom feels like a distant memory. […]

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Tips for Letting Go

As a semi-recovering perfectionist/control freak with a tendency toward anxiety and worry*, I am amazed to be sharing tips on letting go. Living with chronic illness for two decades has certainly taught me a thing or two about the subject. However, witnessing four deaths in two months has made me an unintentional expert on loss.

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Caroline Myss at TGI

No Expectations

When the same themes keep popping up in life, I know that the Universe REALLY wants to get my attention. My last blog was about vulnerability, because that word seemed to be chasing me – showing up in TV shows, in articles, and permeating my emotions in a way that was unavoidable. Similarly, when I

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