Nature Healing

One of the most basic and pure means of attaining health comes through connecting with nature in all her beauty. The best way to heal with nature is to simply pay attention to the natural beauty that is around us at all times through the sky, flowers, plants, animals, forests, oceans, mountains, and more.

Nature Healing Activities

The following nature healing activities can support your body, mind & spirit through grounding and positive energy:

  • Earthing – placing your feet directly on the earth’s surface (grass, gravel, sand) so that your own personal energy can connect with the powerful energy exuding from the earth’s core. You can intensify this experience by visualizing your energy extending down into the earth like roots, while the energy from above enters through the top of your head. Breathe deeply as you continue to feel your energy cycling up and down.
  • Forest Bathing – spending time sitting in a forest experiencing the calming energy of the mighty trees and hearty plants that are releasing clean, fresh oxygen.
  • Visiting the Ocean – the soothing healing sounds of the ocean, the soft comfort of sand under your feet, the fresh salt air. Many people find spending time at the beach to be a natural stress-reliever.
  • Swimming in Fresh Water – fresh water is so cleansing. Nothing feels quite as good as a refreshing swim in a clean lake, pond or river.
  • Rising with the Sun – make a healing ritual of starting your day with the sunrise.
  • Honoring Sunsets – complete your day with the natural beauty of a sunset.

Nature Photos

If you are not able to get to nature, let nature come to you with these beautiful images:

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