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Health Support GroupsFor many the most challenging aspect of chronic illness is feeling isolated and alone – as though no one really understands what you are going through. The beauty of patient sites and online support groups is that you can find the support and consolation that you are looking for.

These are not generally the most reliable sources for health advice, but they may be able to offer a sense of much-needed acceptance and understanding. Following are just a few of the many forums available online.

American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association Autoimmunity Forum – a place for patients with autoimmune disease to share stories, find support and learn how to cope with illness.

Autoimmune Diseases Support Group – Inspire – forum with information on getting diagnosed, living with autoimmune disease, and much more.

AutoImmunity Community – this online community is by laypeople for laypeople, so it is a great place for support, but not necessarily medical advice.

The Fight Like A Girl Club – a cancer and disease support group for females. – an educational site created by patient Peter Waite. The forum is here *Site receives health care sponsorships.

Healing Circles Global – a donation-based program from Commonweal that engages people in online and in-person groups addressing a variety of topics including living with cancer, dealing with grief, nurturing our differences, and managing the responsibilities of caregiving. – “Inspire builds online health and wellness communities for patients and caregivers, in partnership with national patient advocacy organizations, and helps life science organizations connect with these highly engaged populations.” Site contains many different disease groups (see link to Autoimmune Disease forum above.

MedHelp – a comprehensive list of medical forums, “ask a doctor” forums and much more.

Sjogren’s World  – an online community for patients with Sjogren’s syndrome with online chats and articles. – not a support group per se, but rather a free video game that helps people develop resilience. Amazing! The site also has a blog.

WEGO Health – a community for health advocates.

[Last Updated: 3/11/22]

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