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Sometimes you just need to be inspired! Following are resources with the power to brighten your day or learn something new.

Inspiration – a source with articles and reflections on spirituality, faith and religion. *Site contains a great deal of advertising.

Greater Good – an exploration into the science of well-being including positive psychology, mindfulness, empathy, kindness and more from The University of California, Berkley.

Elephant Journal – a collection of beautiful writings on empathy, relationships, emotional healing and overall well-being. I learn something every time I visit! Lots of ads pop up along the side, you can easily disregard those.

Endless Stories – a place to share stories of loss and grief, and join others in compassionate community.

Happiness Club  – a site from Lionel Ketchian designed to increase happiness with meetings throughout CT and around the US.

The Happiness Project  – from author Gretchen Rubin an exploration in what it takes to achieve happiness.

HayHouse Radio – free informational and inspirational webinars from today’s leading experts in healing.  – a site from Hay House that includes many leaders in spiritual health including Louise L. Hay.

Soul Pancake – This  YouTube channel is filled with awesomeness, especially Kid President.

TED – a nonprofit combining Technology, Entertainment, Design in inspirational talks. Their playlist  “A Better You” is great.

Free Online Education

Alison – free courses from top publishers, many that allow for you to pay to be certified.

Class Central – immerse yourself in a wide variety of classes from living a happy life to graphic desing.

College Open Textbooks – access free college textbooks.

Coursera – Free Online Courses – a place to learn everything from computer programming to marketing.

Khan Academy – the site’s motto is “you can learn anything.” Don’t you just love that?

MIT OpenCourseware – free college courses from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

MOOC List – Massive Open Online Courses is just that, a large list of free courses. Use the search tool at the top right to sort courses by university, provider, certificate options, etc. Be aware that there are Google Ads at the top of the page.

Open Education Database – take a wide variety of college courses online in areas such as health & medicine, business, arts and more.

Open Learn – free online classes from The Open University.

Smart Study – Open Textbooks

1,000+ Open Textbooks – this link was sent to me by a reader and although it was hard to decipher who actually runs the site, it appears to be a great resource.

Udemy – offers a mix of inexpensive and free courses in the arts, marketing, business, etc.


Consumer Reports (Health) – Unbiased reviews on medical care and treatments. *Some of the content requires a subscription

Documentary Heaven – just like the name suggests, if you love documentaries then you will be in heaven here. They’re free!

iTunes – Health & Medicine – a free source for educational podcasts and meditations. *Note: This does require a free download of iTunes software. – A place for patients to create a wish list that can be shared with family & friends. Like a wedding registry for those who are sick.

Ode Wire – a site for “intelligent optimists” from the editors of Ode Magazine.

Social Security Benefits Guide – this guide from Simple Dollar is chock full of ads (ignore them), but also lots of good advice on SSI.

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