Body Therapies

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“Body psychotherapists believe that although the mind can deceive, the body rarely lies…” – Jennifer Bingham Hull Listening to the Body

Overview of Body Therapies

Massage is a body therapyYou store tension, emotions, and even memories in the muscles and tissues of your body which can block energy flow and make everything you do more difficult. Through the use of body-centered therapies such as acupuncture, energy healing, and massage – you can release blockages, encourage relaxation, and restore optimal function to your body. As a beautiful bonus – body therapies feel great and give you a healthy glow!

Healthy Body Tips:

  • Turn off cell phones and electronic devices when you aren’t using them in order to protect your body’s own energy field.
  • Practice self-massage regularly to increase circulation.
  • Try to sit with your legs uncrossed and your shoulders hanging softly to allow your energy to move freely and your muscles to stay relaxed.
  • Dry brush your entire body before showering to remove old skin cells and improve blood flow.

Body Therapy Resources

Although the following therapies are not as well-known, you may find these resources helpful in locating the body therapy that is right for you.

Sensory Awareness – details on the history of Sensory Awareness with insight from practitioner Judy Weaver.

Alexander Technique

Feldenkrais Technique

CranioSacral Therapy

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