It Just Takes One

The past week and a half I have been struggling with a nasty sinus infection / cold that completely knocked me off kilter. Although I had previously been working on a schedule of writing projects that I was steadily completing, I felt so sick and depleted that I couldn’t even think straight, and therefore, my …

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Roll Around Heaven

Blessed By a Book

During my studies at The Graduate Institute my life was tremendously enriched by the monthly required readings. I use the term “required” loosely because although it was essential that every student select, read, and reflect on a book on healing every month, the choice of book was completely up to that student. What an amazingly …

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GIve it to God

Give it to God

Interestingly I have been hesitant about using the word “God” in my writing preferring the “Universe” or the “Divine” as more neutral and politically correct. I respect that not everyone chooses to believe in a God or Gods, and for that reason I always try to tread lightly around the subject. However, to paraphrase Carl …

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Words To Live By

Just Show Up

I am coming off a very fun high school reunion weekend. It was great to see people from my past, catch up, and share some laughs. But, the event did not come without its challenges. There was an undercurrent of fear throughout the room. Some friends shared their worry with me directly, others’ angst was …

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